Nee Doh Dohnut

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These delicious Nee Doh Dohnuts will feed your need for squish! 

This tactile addition to the Nee Doh family are stretchy, squishy takes on the tasty sweet treat. Nee Doh Dohnuts come in an assortment of 3 neon-colored donuts with nine different frosting styles, packing that classic Nee Doh squish. Easily pop and swap these delectable donut decorations and make your own groovy masterpiece!

A fidget toy that satisfies and soothes, Nee Doh is appropriate for anxious tendencies and helps promote focus and attention.

3 colours available with varying designs.
*Colour selection refers to icing colour, topping design selected at random

Note: The flexible and squishy nature of these products means they will not last indefinitely. We'd love them to, but unfortunately they don't... Depending on use they may last an hour, a week or a year. Generally the friendlier you are, the longer they last. All squishy and stretchy items are durable, but not indestructible. Not recommended for children who may try to bite, chew or ingest the contents. Avoid aggressive or excessive squishing, stretching and contact with any sharp objects.

Ages 3+


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