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Unleash Creativity with our Magnetic Tiles – Builders Pack (110 Piece) which includes a car base!

Enhanced Stability with Innovative Design

The 110 piece set includes a car base perfect for building new and inventive vehicles to drive through your magnetic tile town.  We have added a double row of magnets to the car base to create a more stable platform for little ones creations. Plus our little car has rubber wheels for extra maneuverability!

Featuring our innovative large square design, which incorporates additional strong magnets throughout, each tile ensures the stability of tall buildings and structures, eliminating frustration for young builders.

Crafted from stronger ABS food grade plastic, our tiles boast enhanced durability. Additionally, featuring an internal logo, our tiles offer a flat surface and improved scratch resistance ensuring longevity.


Together with the flexibility to add sets and compatibility with all major magnetic tile brands, our tiles offer endless opportunities for expansion and exploration.  (Please note that Magformers aren’t compatible with any solid magnetic tiles.) 

Learn & Grow Magnetic Tiles serve foster imagination and promote STEM skills as well as develop fine and gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and spatial awareness.

The Magnetic Tiles – Builders Pack (110 Piece) set includes:

  • 6 large squares – 2 x red, 2 x blue and 2 x yellow
  • 40 small squares – 6 x red, 7 x blue, 7 x green, 6 x yellow, 7 x purple & 7 x orange
  • 14 equilateral triangles – 4 x red, 4 x blue, 3 x green and 3 x yellow
  • 14 right-angled triangles – 3 x red, 3 x blue, 4 x purple and 4 x orange
  • 14 isosceles triangles – 4 x green, 4 x yellow, 3 x purple and 3 x orange
  • 8 half squares – 2 x red, 2 x blue and 4 x green
  • 7 windows – 3x purple and 4 x orange
  • 6 hollow squares – 3 x yellow and 3 x purple
  • 1 car with rubber wheels – green
  • Building Ideas Booklet
  • Large Storage Bag 

Age: Suitable for ages 3+

Safety standards: Our product meets all CE testing standards.

Manufacturing: Made from ABS Food Grade Plastic, our tiles are ultrasonically plastic welded and riveted to ensure that they hold together and do not break. This stops magnets from being able to escape. Safety is our priority.

How are Learn & Grow Toys Magnetic Tiles different?

  • Strong magnets – we have additional magnets in our tiles  in particular our large square,  hexagon and diamond which ensures the stability of tall buildings and structures.
  • Solid Construction – all our tiles are riveted and ultrasonically welded to ensure that they hold together and do not break.
  • Tile Structure – our tiles have a different tile structure including a stepped black lip which reduces scratches on the face of the tile.
  • Internal Logo – creates a flat and more scratch resistant tile.
  • Stronger ABS Food Grade Plastic – non toxic and ensure enhanced durability

Learn & Grow Toys Magnetic Tiles have been meticulously designed to ignite imagination and foster open-ended play.

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